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    We are Family... Vegas Wedding

    November 27, 2007

    We are back from Vegas and everything travel wise went very well. Even with it being the busiest travel day of the year.

    Vegas was clear and cold. The family wedding we went to was outside, and the 40 degree weather was quite a change from out normal Florida outdoor weddings.

    If you are planning a Vegas trip any time soon, bring comfortable shoes, chap-stick, and while you are there drink lots of water. It really is a desert out there!

    Now I was not the "official" wedding photographer, for this event, but my cousin asked me to grab some getting ready shots, and of course I still had my camera with me during the ceremony...here is a quick picture or two -

    And here is one right out my giant suite's door - (Not really, I was in a closet, this is a picture from the walkway going across the street) -

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    10:53 PM

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    When is a Vacation not a Vacation? Las Vegas Wedding

    November 21, 2007

    The plan this week was to take a few days off…R E L A X, just fly on out to the true city that never sleeps, Las Vegas! Now it is for a family wedding, and I am taking my camera, but it is not work, “scouts honor, I promise”;o). I really enjoy taking pictures and the family picture part of it will be really cool.

    No the stressful part for me will be the holiday travel with a very 7.5 month pregnant wife. Not just travel mind you, but five hour plus a layover travel (so it’s like 8 hours +/-), busiest travel of the year travel, and we can only stay four days.

    I know, I know cry me a river, I am off to Las Vegas to gamble, watch football, and eat turkey, what a hard life I have. It is just that when we planned all this back in May we didn’t know that a baby would be so close behind … ah c’est la vie.

    Don’t eat too much turkey, and if you can’t be good be safe!

    I’ll post some pictures from the desert just as soon as I can.

    How ‘bout them Cowboys?

    posted by Yanman Photography
    12:03 AM

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    Warning HOT Glass is Very HOT ...

    November 11, 2007

    So time flies when you are having fun, and this wedding season and year have flown right by. This weekend I finally got to take a much needed break from the computer (at least for most of the weekend.) Saturday was a full day of baby training at Lamaze class. The only odd thing about the class was, because it was a one day class, we didn't get to do any breathing practice. I was really looking forward to the practice in case I forget how to breathe during the whole deliver thing. I think my mother-in-law will be there to catch me if I fall though.

    Then today I got to put together a changing table, which pretty much finishes up the baby's room furniture. Next step some pictures and decorations, once these are up I'll post some pictures.

    OK, So, about the title - way back in June some of my friends asked me to take some pictures in their glass studio. I only managed to edit a few at the time, so I thought I would post them now. If you are interested in glass blowing check them out!

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    9:03 PM

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    The Magic of 4D Ultrasound...

    November 4, 2007

    Well because of technology, baby's fist pictures are now done before baby is born.

    So I'd like to introduce you to Elizabeth Yanni.

    Coming soon to a hospital near us January 2008!

    posted by Yanman Photography
    7:07 PM

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    Engagement Slide Show

    Here is Amanda and Scott's E-session Slide Show ...

    These were taken at one of our favorite locations for engagement sessions - Leu Gardens -

    Enjoy !

    posted by Yanman Photography
    11:30 AM

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    Engagement Shoot at Leu Gardens

    November 1, 2007

    Other than the 20 Minutes of rain right in the middle of things, Amanda and Scott's engagement session at Leu gardens this past Sunday was really great. We all had some fun. Leu Gardens makes a fantastic backdrop, and every time we shoot there we find something new.

    And we would never let the "Florida Liquid Sunshine" get in the way of getting great images!

    Here are a few quick pictures ...

    posted by Yanman Photography
    12:30 AM

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