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    Daytona Beach - Destination Engagement Shoot

    June 18, 2008

    We get a lot of requests to do engagement shoots on the beach. Nothing odd there.

    We get a few requests from people coming to Florida from out of town to take wedding pictures or engagement pictures. Nothing we haven't seen there either.

    But an out of town couple requesting an engagement session on the beach on their Honeymoon? Yep!

    So here is John & MJ's Engagement Photo Session on Dayton Beach. They are from Long Island and they were married on April 18, and their session was on May 1.


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    11:33 PM

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    A Magic Wedding

    June 16, 2008

    Now a know what you are thinking; aren't all weddings magical? But that is not the title is it? This is a Magic wedding, as in a Orlando Magic Wedding!!!

    That's right sports fan's while I've see more then one person get engaged at a basketball game, I had never heard of or seen anyone get married at a basketball game.

    Jennifer and Shaul are huge Orlando Magic Basketball fans, and have wanted to get married at a game for years.

    Well with some help from the Orlando Magic Event team (not to mention the team for making it to the playoffs), they were able to get married at center court right after the Magic won on April 20th.

    Special thanks to Jennifer Alsbrooks from A First Class Event for recommending us - www.afirstclassevent.com - 407.620.7033

    Here are just a few of the awesome Pictures from there wedding -

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    posted by Yanman Photography
    8:44 PM

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    A tale of two weddings, slideshow #1

    June 15, 2008

    Confused yet?

    Ok so two weddings on March 29, check,

    Pictures posted, check,

    Slide show?


    Here is the slide show from Brian and Collen's wedding on March 29th -

    This was created on April 16 for them to view, enjoy!

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    posted by Yanman Photography
    10:35 PM

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    A tale of two weddings Part II

    June 14, 2008

    On March 29th I had not one but two weddings to shoot. While my second photographer continued to handle the end of the reception for wedding one (See a Tale of two weddings for more details), I was off to Nathalya and Eddy's at the Radisson Hotel Resort Orlando-Celebration.

    Here are a few pictures from their wedding -

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    posted by Yanman Photography
    1:12 PM

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    A photo Contest

    June 12, 2008

    Ok so I never enter these things.

    I'm not sure if it is because I feel that as a professional photographer it is unfair or if it has more to do with the fact that I just never win anything.

    Some things came together on this contest though -

    1. It's title is "Nikon Moving Moments" and that is really why I love photography, I love to capture the moment.

    2. It is a Nikon contest, and I shoot with Nikon cameras (we have four Nikon cameras, if you count the point and shoot my wife has)

    3. The picture of my daughter being born has gotten the most comments of any picture I've taken.

    You can view the photo by clicking the link below, I'll let you know how to vote starting on June 25th. I may still never win anything, but it was fun to enter.

    - My photo Contest entry -

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    posted by Yanman Photography
    12:32 AM

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    Yanman Photography

    June 8, 2008

    Well it is official - Yanman Media Productions is now Yanman Photography!

    Why the change?

    Well we have decided to concentrate on our strength in photography, it is what we do, and we feel that we are one of the best in the Orlando area at wedding and event Photography.

    Video has always been an add on service for us, and we feel that our efforts will be better served if we concentrate on our strengths and allow others that are top in the field of video to provide that service.

    In order to continue to offer both Photography and video, we have partnered with Silver Lining Videography and together we offer complete Photography and Videography packages tailored to capture your special day. Before you trust your memories to anyone else, find out what we can offer!

    Call today 407-341-3451 to see how much you can save by booking Photography and Video with our team!


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    1:44 PM

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    A tale of Two Weddings

    June 4, 2008

    So here in Orlando one of the most popular Months to get married is March. For anyone that has spent anytime here, the reason is obvious it is a beautiful month (Which here in Florida that just means not really, really hot!)

    Now normally I'm a one wedding a weekend kind of guy, and for sure just one wedding a day. Right?


    When Brian and Colleen found us at a bridal show (You might remember their engagement session) , I was very upfront with them that I was booked for a wedding later in the afternoon on their wedding day of March 29th. Since we do have more then one photographer on our team however, I could be there for the getting ready shots, wedding photos and formals; while having my brother Joe (one of my "second shooters") take over for the reception when I had to leave for wedding number two.

    Colleen loved the idea, so that is how we (I) ended up with two weddings on the same day.

    We must have turned away over 100 brides for March 29th, but we are really glad we said yes to this fun couple.

    Collen and Brian got married at the First Baptist Church of Oviedo and held their reception at the Winter Park Elks Lodge.

    So here are a few of the pictures from their big day -

    I took this one as Collen got ready ...

    And here is one Joe took as the ladies prepared to walk down the isle ...

    I took this one of Colleen being "Given Away" ...

    Joe got some great shots from the balcony...

    Here are two great formal pictures ...

    Joe's now famous ring shot ...

    And one of Collen's favorites from the reception ...

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    9:48 PM

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    Chris and Jessica's wedding Slideshow

    Ok - on to the next thing in our time line to catch up on -

    Here is Chris and Jessica's wedding slide show; they got married on March 15, and their slide show was online about March 26th or so.


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    7:09 PM

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    Blog Stalker Katie

    June 3, 2008

    I am so sorry to all of my blog fans (are there any of you left?). The good news is that we have been very busy (More on that in a later post), the bad news is that my poor blog has suffered!

    So I am going to attempt to move forward by moving backwards and catching up -

    So this goes out to my favorite Blog Stalker (I mean that in the nicest way) Katie!

    Here are a few great shot from Katie and Brody's Engagement session on Cocoa Beach, to give you an idea of how back in time we are going these were shot on March 19.

    Katie and Brody are getting married at the end of July at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration and having their reception at the lovely Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club.

    Katie I promise that your Wedding Pictures will be on the blog much, much faster!

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    8:36 PM

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