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    As the end of the year grows near ...

    December 31, 2008

    As I sit on the couch with my laptop actually on my lap, I've been thinking about what to post here in regards to the Year that is just about to end.

    On the one hand the year 2008 has been so bad for so many, with a bad economy and stock market to the wild weather. I've heard people call this the worst year ever.

    But I guess I am forever the optimist, because my mind keeps going back to all the good things that still happened in 2008.

    For the country I can think of at least these two:

    In the 2008 Olympics, America and China led the world in peaceful competition.

    And ...

    The 2008 election was historic, with the first African American and first woman in the running.

    For myself and for Yanman Photography:

    The birth of my daughter at the very beginning year marked the start of my best adventure yet, and for this alone 2008 will always be a "great" year in my book.

    And for Yanman Photography, a new look, a new focus, and our most productive year yet.


    So it is with happy memories that I sit here and look hopefully into the future that we call the "New Year".

    May your 2009 be better then any year ever; have a Happy and Safe New Year,

    Steve Yanni

    posted by Yanman Photography
    8:10 PM


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