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    Joelle & Chris Get married June 27th 2009

    June 27, 2009

    What a fantastic wedding! Living in Orlando I always love getting over to the coast to take pictures on or near the ocean. We met Joelle and Chris through the fabulous planners at Uniquely Yours Wedding & Event Specialist, thank you Sara and Karry for your recommendation and helping to make it a picture perfect day.

    The ceremony was held at the very quaint, Melbourne Community Chapel. There is a reason that song talks about "Going to the Chapel..." It makes for great pictures and a very intimate affair.

    The reception was held at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club, and where else can you get pictures next to a real pirate ship? OK, it was really more like a fishing boat with a pirate flag, still it makes for cool pictures ...

    The couple was so happy that day, they did all the work, we just captured the moment -

    Cupcakes anyone?

    First Dance...

    I'd also like to thank my associate photographer Corryn for all her help in capturing the events of the day. We make a good team indeed. Here is one that Corryn got just before we left ...

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    June 20th Wedding - Kim and Jerome, no wait Jeremy

    June 20, 2009

    Ok the title is an inside joke, and this is an inside wedding.

    For those that don't know, Yanman Photographers is a bit of a family business.

    My brother Joe shoots weddings with me and even one or two on his own, my wife assisted me at many weddings before our daughter was born, and my sister-in-law Marcy now assists me from time to time. While there are some other non-related "family" members helping out, we still think of everyone as family.

    So when my brother asked for some assistance photography an up-coming "friend of the family" wedding, I couldn't say no. Well I could have but it wouldn't have been pretty, since Marcy was in the wedding party, and brother Joe was asking really nicely (hard for him to do trust me ;o)

    So here are just a few of my favorites from the day, plus a couple to introduce you to our team members ...

    First It's hair and makeup time -

    A little something to come the nerves, not mine, or the brides for that matter. Hmm why are the bridesmaids nervous?

    Here is Marcy getting ready, my brother had to remind me that she wasn't assisting in taking pictures, she was IN this wedding. Joe took this picture which he was quick to point out to me when Marcy posted it on Facebook ...

    Well here is something a bit different, the Photographers have name cards and a place at the guest tables. Normally I wouldn't sit with the guests, but since many of them were part of extended family ...

    Here is the happy couple ...

    Joe always nails the detail shots ...

    This is why people get married at county clubs ...

    First Dance ...

    And last but not least, a shot of my brother Joe and his wife Molly. Molly thank you for keeping him in-line!

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    12:03 PM

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    May 30th Wedding -Brynn & Joel

    June 13, 2009

    Brynn & Joel got Married at the beautiful Royal Crest Room in St. Cloud.

    I love when couple opt to see each other before the wedding, while this is a obvious break in tradition, it can make for some very powerful pictures.

    Here are just a very few of my favorites from the day:

    Joel, waiting on his bride -

    Such a great place for a picture - and a kiss!

    Some Fun During the formals! Mine, no mine ...

    Very Chic Table settings.

    And they left with sparklers all around! Sparkler shots are always cool...

    I'll leave you with a fun one that ended up as my Facebook image for a while -

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    7:59 PM

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    More from the Mike Colon Workshop ...

    June 12, 2009

    I know that it has been three weeks since I got back from the workshop with Mike Colon, and I promised updates every day yet I only updated on the first day, let me just say this -

    The Workshop was Packed full of great information, and took every minute of every day that we were there (this is a good thing, never a boring moment not once...), I wish I could do one a month.

    I'm just going to let the images speak for themselves here, but I do want to add this...

    Mike Colon thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making this more then just a class. You opened your heart and your home, provided wit and wisdom ... I'm honored to call you friend and mentor ...

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    8:40 PM

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