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    Let them eat cake part 1

    September 5, 2009

    This Labor Day I decided to tackle an "interesting" project. Baking a cake.

    Now I know what you are thinking, anyone can bake a cake. This one is a little bit ... different.
    If you are one of my Facebook friends, you know what I'm talking about (but not why), but for everyone else here is what went down this weekend (and the why).

    This may come as a surprise to most everyone, but I watch a lot of cake decorating shows. Wedding cakes, cake challenges, ace of cakes; you get the point. So this weekend I set out to bake a "pro-like" cake. The plan in my mind was a cake that looked a bit like the mad hatter's hat from Alice in wonderland. Bigger on top smaller on the bottom...etc. etc. It wasn't going to be a hat just have that look.

    So after a trip to Michael's to buy cake pans, fondant, spatulas, a rolling pin, and lots of frosting (5 lbs of frosting). I left there $129 lighter. Then to Publix for the first of many trips. Here is a list of the cakes ingredients:

    5 Boxes of cake mix
    18 Eggs
    2 Cups of Oil
    7 Cups of Water
    7 Lbs. of Icing
    5 Lbs. of Fondant
    1 Pound of Decorative Fondant
    Decorative sprinkles

    If you add in the Publix costs, my "Hard Costs" for this little weekend project is $150. Not including the $25 worth of items I need to return.

    To be continued ...

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