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    Why not just do it yourself ... That is the point

    September 7, 2009

    Ok, so if you have not yet read my previous blog posts or been following along on Facebook - please start with -

    Let them eat cake Part 1

    Let them eat cake Part 2

    Let them eat cake Part 3

    Ready, OK lets get to the point,

    I know how to bake a cake, but I'm no cake decorator ...

    Wow! Shocker right? I'm a photographer, that watches cake shows, and thinks he can make a professional cake?

    Well not really, I did want to try my hand at making a cool fondant covered cake, but I knew the results (while edible) wouldn't be pretty. At first I was just doing this for me, and the 30-50 people that will be eating this cake on Tuesday. Then it hit me...

    I had all the tools ( I bought everything you could need to make the cake I planned on). I had a kitchen, the time, the ingredients and I had made great tasting cakes in the past. The two things I was lacking was knowledge and skill.

    Here are some quotes from my Facebook friends and family -

    "...this is a real LABOR day project! doesn't your publix have a bakery? ... i'm just askin.' : )"

    "How long does it take to bake a cake?????"

    "...again, why are you doing this yourself?"

    Too many times in the wedding business we hear of someone taking on a project that is just a little more then they can handle. I'm not saying that you can't do it yourself on some things to save money, just know your limits and when to hire a pro.

    So here are the three points that I learned from my DIY project:

    1. Know your, and your friends DIY limits.
    2. DIY only where you are sure of the outcome, and the time it will take.

    I hope everyone had a happy and safe Labor Day, and that your desert looked better then mine. :)

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    10:50 PM


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