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    Want great pictures? Hire a good ... Wedding Planner?

    February 17, 2010

    I don't write very many words on this blog normally, it is a after all a photography blog, and the images are the primary focus here. However, I was asked the other day by an interviewer what I thought was one of the most important things a couple needed to do to get great photographs on their wedding day (Oh and they wouldn't let me just use the answer "hire me").

    My immediate response? ...

    "Easy, Hire a professional wedding planner!"

    Now before I get to all the reasons why, I want to answer the "oh your just kissing up to planners" question. I'm not I promise, this is not about any one individual planner or even just the ones in this area. I do love working with them, and I do love having them recommend our services, but I want them to do so based on our work, on the quality of our images, and the excellent customer service we provide. I think that once you see my reasoning you'll understand why I say that hiring a planner can make your pictures better.

    Now there are probably thousands of things that a great planner does before a wedding that I never see, so I preface everything that I am about to say here with this -

    "I am only discussing wedding planning and how it relates to the photographer and photography, in my opinion."

    I know there is way more to it then what I see at a wedding. My wife and I did hire a professional wedding planner for our wedding a few years ago when we got married so I have seen first hand as a client what one can do. For this blog entry however, I am only focusing on day of wedding coordination.

    What is a planners real job for your wedding day?

    To keep it running on schedule, running smoothly, coordinating numerous vendors, all the while providing a stress and worry free day for the bride and groom, the wedding party, and even the guests.

    Knowing this it is easy to see how how having a planner can make for better pictures, right? The goal of your photographer is to capture the beauty, the romance, the emotions of your special day. If you are worrying about the schedule, dealing with the details, if you are stressed about anything there is a chance of this showing in your pictures. So I'll try to sum up this long post with one easy statement...

    Anything that keeps you stress free, and makes you smile on your wedding day helps to make great images, and a great wedding planner can do all that and more.

    That's what I think ... what are your thought? Feel free to comment ...

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