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    Happy Earth Day

    April 22, 2010

    For Earth day we are announcing our greenest options for photography yet!

    Starting today you can get all of your photos and your album on an Apple iPad!

    And YES! we give you the iPad as part of the package - You Get to keep it, it is part of the price!

    More details soon to follow!

    Written on an iPad.

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    posted by Yanman Photography
    9:59 PM

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    Stephanie and DeBoris Get Married

    April 9, 2010

    Stephanie and DeBoris were wed at Mystic Dunes on April 9th, 2010

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    posted by Shayna
    2:10 PM

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    Now you see through that ... Now you don't ...

    April 3, 2010

    It seems so cliche now to say "You can just fix that in Photoshop, Right?"

    As a professional photographer I hear this more and more each day. For the most part we do not use Photoshop as much as people think we do, when we "edit" or "adjust" photo's we use a different program for that. I think too often amateur and hobbyist photographers, "play" with images just because they can, and make alternative reality images in photoshop. 

    This post however, is dedicated to Photoshop, what good professional "photoshopping" is used for.  And the time and cost that is involved with that.

    Let's start with our before picture ...

    Great, bouquet toss image. Bouquet caught in the image mid flight, correctly lit, quests are all looking the right direction ... but we need to fix a few issues before adding it to our album.

    1. First... and this is what the bride asked us about ... we have a guest in a dress that is, um, sheer?!? And a bit distracting. The bride asked if we could somehow "fix" this, she wanted this picture in her album, but not as is.
    2. Well hey it's an exit sign... they are everywhere...but it distracts from the bouquet mid fight.
    3. The way the bride is standing to throw the bouquet has caused an issue with how her back looks in this image.

    So can we fix it? Sure... You can Photoshop anything ...

    As you can see we have fixed all three issues with the image, with the first being the most time consuming. Taking over two hours in Photoshop to complete. While minor changes to an image are included in our album design costs, major changes such as this first one are charged at our hourly editing rate ... of course the cost is always worth it if the end the result is exactly what you want in your album.

    So questions? Feedback? Do you like seeing these types of posts?

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    posted by Yanman Photography
    8:02 AM

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