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    Elizabeth's First Magic Kingdom Trip

    August 5, 2010

    Today was my first attempt at editing a batch of photos for my boss, Steve. I'm proud of my work, but feel free to critique.

    I loved the expression in her face, and I wanted something timeless looking for this photo. After all, this was the same face kids have made watching the Main Street Electrical Parade for generations!

    I decided to keep the editing of this one to a minimum. The evil stepsisters are cloaked in darkness, as is proper. I made sure there was enough light to see their horrid faces, though.

    Because of how much was going on in these photos, I had to bring up the light in the background. That eerie pretty skyline? Not very easy. Bringing up the skyline gave the photos a great excess of noise. And lighting it at all bleached out the mice. I think I got it right after some trial and error.

    With such an iconic float the focus really needed to be on the lights and the words. I got rid of most of the distractions by putting it in black and white. Gives it a classic feel, in my opinion.

    I cut down all of the lights except for the castle, the streetlamps, and anything that led your eye directly to the castle doors. It stands out in the dark that way. I also upped the contrast a bit.

    I mostly kept this one alone, only messing with the lighting a bit at first. It has a vintage feel on it's own and I did my best to bring it out with just a bit of saturation editing

    I'll admit, I edited this one a bunch. But I wanted her skin and her surroundings to feel very soft and dreamlike so that her eyes really popped. And they do!

    So there we are! Not to bad for a beginner, eh?
    To see the rest of the photos that Steve took (and I edited), take a look at the slideshow

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